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Replace Your Car Radio By An Android Tablet

How to Install an Android Tablet as a Car Stereo | With VideoSo, what are the steps to take if you want to have an android car stereo or replace car radio by tablet? The following article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to install Android Tablet as a stereo. But first, you’re going to need to go out to your local electronic accessories and hardware store to get the things that you need. Don’t forget to take this list with you! Know your parts and know what you need them for.Things You Need To Install Tablet As An Android Car StereoYour Android tablet. The only thing you need to be absolutely sure of is that the tablet supports audio out via USB. You can find this out through Google. In our case we will use the Nexus 7 Tablet. A double din adapter for your car. The purpose of this is to hold the tablet as a car stereo in place, like the way tablet car mount does. Car PC Joycon. This is for the steering wheel controls. It’s not required but it’s highly recommended so th…