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Changeing Car Battery Without Losing Stereo Code

How To Safely Change Your Car Battery Without Losing Your Honda Radio Code And Dashboard Settings In most cases, when your vehicle battery dies and you charge it back or replace it, the car radio will ask for a code that you need to input such that your radio can get to functioning once again. You will also lose the channel settings and dashboard memory.
Today I'm going to show you how to disconnect and change your car battery safely and without losing the radio and dashboard settings.
Tools Required :Set of spanners to open bolts. Set of jump packs or jump leads/ booster and a 12 volts battery. Memory minder Your vehicle will have a number of settings such as the time, radio frequency, distance covered at the dashboard, among others, which may all get lost when you disconnect or replace your honda car battery and resetting back those settings may be very time-consuming or hectic. The following video tutorial will show you step by step how to avoid having again reprogrm all of…