9 Common Honda CRV Problems That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Common Honda CRV Problems

No car is perfect, but we’ve gathered below some common Honda CR-V problems experienced by owners to help you decide if it’s a smart buy.

1- Engine light on due to fuel cap :

It is one of frequent Honda crv engine problems. This may be due to a problem with the filling of the fuel that in normal conditions will require changing.
The Check Engine Light comes on when the onboard computer checks that there is a problem with the component or the emission system does not work properly.

2- Vibration when braking due to a problem in the Honda rotor :

Maybe you are asking yourself “Why does my Honda vibrate?”.. The rotors that are in the front brake can either deform or cause vibrations when braking. So, that is the main cause of Honda crv vibration problems.
These rotors usually need to be mechanized or replaced if there is no other remedy, this way we will correct the problem.

3- The air conditioner does not blow cold air :

The compressor can seize cause the loss of air from the vents. When the compressor fails, debris spreads throughout the air conditioning system. in that case, AC compressor repair will be very expensive!

4- The Honda CR-V lock is not activated :

When the doors are worn, the door lock becomes sticky and does not work in any way. This implies that the lock requires a repair that will be based on changing the lock itself, along with the corresponding vessels.

5- Water leak in the hood :

the windshield base is a leaking cover, which when it rains can filter the water to fall later in the cabin of the vehicle. The hood must be resealed to stop that leak.

6- The intake manifold runner sticks :

The intake manifold runner solenoid can get stuck, which will cause the CEL light to turn on, so changing the solenoid will solve our problem.

7- Tailgate Light in Dash May Flicker :

When the light on the back door of the dashboard starts to flash, this may indicate that either the back door or a switch on that back door may be incorrectly adjusted.
If it is only a problem with the door, it is enough to close it again, but if it has to do with a poorly adjusted switch, you will have to adjust it well, or in case of a defect, change it.

8- Grunt type noise in the front of the Honda CR-V engine :

there are some models of this brand that when the water pump bearing breaks down, it causes a very unpleasant noise, it is more, it looks like a growl.
At the front of the engine, the water pump, or what is the same, the coolant pump circulates the coolant through the car, reaching the engine. However, we can know when a pump is broken, the following assumptions happen:

  • If there is a noise in the motor area, including if the noise rumbles, this is the previous case we have assumed.
  • Coolant leak: if we see that the coolant tank is not full or goes down very fast we are facing a leak, which can be a problem with the water pump.
  • Engine overheating : in the same way, if the coolant does not reach the engine, it will overheat.


9- Problem with the fuel cap :

the car has a very sophisticated and modern evacuation or emission system that is dedicated to monitoring the level of pressure in the gas tank. This makes it possible to detect possible leaks, including what is known as loose gas.
So if you have left the lid loose or even turned off, a message will appear on your computer with the words “check fuel cap”. In order to solve this, you must follow these steps:

  • Turn off the car engine.
  • Open the fuel cap.
  • Verify at least 2 times that the gas cap is tight and if not, tighten it.
  • Start the car and drive normally.

Then the light should go out in a few days. In the event that this does not happen, a verification code will appear. So you have to check if there is a leak in the system or that the lid is damaged, so it will have to be replaced.

There are so many other Common problems in honda cars. Many 2002,2003,2007,2008,2009,2019 owners experienced Honda crv battery problems and also honda crv transmission problems. Fortunately, Most of these Honda CRV issues should have been remedied by Honda for free.

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  1. 2015 2.2 CRV Battery light and light like a V with a strike through it to the left of the battery sign on, have changed battery vehicle only done 36000 miles any suggestions as to where fault lies. Been told vehicle on/off switch may be problem, any more suggestions please.

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