5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Car Radio Reception

Have you ever been hitting the road and listening to an awesome radio station, when suddenly the signal is lost, and you have nothing to listen to but static? Well, having car radio signal problems might be annoying, especially if you have to travel a lot. That's why we brought you 4 tips on how to improve car radio reception.
Verify your car antenna A car antenna is just like any wire that conducts electric signals, the only difference, is that these signals are transmitted by air, and therefore, they are not as much consistent as transmitted-by-cable signals.
Even so, if you are asking yourself why my car radio wont pick up stations, there are a couple of things you can do to improve car radio reception and solve this problem :

Extend your antenna mast. It may sound simple, but, the higher the antenna is, the more signals it receives.Wrap some foil around the tip of the car antenna. Aluminum is a good conductor, so signals will be captured better.Be sure to have the best car rad…

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