4 Common Questions About LDW Light On Honda Accord

What is LDW in Honda Accord?

The LDW, or Lane Departure Warning, is a feature on certain Honda models that uses a camera to detect when the vehicle is leaving its lane.

If LDW on Honda Accord is turned on and the vehicle begins to veer out of its lane, the system will emit a warning sound and display a visual warning on the driver’s display.
LDW Light On Honda Accord

How To Turn Off LDW Light On Honda Accord

To disable the LDW system, press and hold the LDW button located on the instrument panel or the steering wheel for three seconds.

The LDW system will remain off for the current drive cycle, even if the vehicle is turned off and restarted.

To turn on LDW, press the LDW button again. The system will remain active until the button is pressed again to turn it off.

ldw button on honda accord

When the LDW system can be used?

The Lane Departure Warning System can be used when you are driving in the center of a lane with detectable lane markers on both sides, and the vehicle is traveling between about 45 and 90 mph.

The system cannot be used if you are driving on a winding road, the turn signals are on, the brake pedal is depressed, the wipers are in high speed operation, or the windshield is obscured with dirt, snow, or ice.

Where is the LDW sensor located?

The LDW camera sensor on Honda Accord is located at the front of the vehicle, behind the rearview mirror.

LDW camera sensor

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