5 Effective Methods To Boost Your Car Engine Power

Today, car manufacturing is much more focused on reducing energy consumption and lowering manufacturing costs, usually with a compromise on performance.
Fortunately, it is possible to increase engine power, for those who want to boost the horsepower performance of their cars.

increase engine power

Fans and industry professionals have developed a variety of methods to optimize a car’s performance. Aside from some structural modifications, the majority of these techniques focus on improving engine torque.

On the other hand, there are several solutions to make an engine more powerful:

Reprogramming The Car’s Computer

This is an effective but very delicate solution. It consists in increasing the engine’s performance by modifying the vehicle’s computer program.

When this engine reprogramming is done according to best practices, it allows to increase the capacities of a car, to boost a diesel engine for example, while remaining within the technical limits that the car can support.

Car Computer Reprogramming

At the end, this operation will make your engine more powerful and will lead to a 15% decrease in fuel consumption.

Beware, as with anything, engine reprogramming also presents some risks. The first, and most important, danger would be to entrust the operation to an unqualified person, as this could damage the engine!

Using a Cold Air Intake (CAI)

Air intake systems can increase engine power.

Cold Air Intake

An air intake system delivers cold air to the intake manifold. Without an air intake system, your engine receives only warm air!
Because cold air is heavier and denser than warm air, the intake system allows the engine to receive more air.
With more air, the combustion in the engine creates a more powerful expansion of the gas. The end result is increased acceleration and power.

Add-on Box and Engine Chip

The add-on unit or engine chip is a small electronic part that fits under the hood.

Give your vehicle more power and torque while saving fuel. The add-on units significantly improve the duo: power / engine torque with better acceleration.

Its main advantage, compared to reprogramming the factory box, is that it can easily be removed from the engine to restore the vehicle’s original configuration. It also costs less than a reprogramming.

Also, if a vehicle needs to tow a heavy load, such as a trailer, the add-on box becomes a real asset.

Install a Cat-Back Exhaust System

A cat-back exhaust replace the original piping from the catalytic converter to the rear of the car. This will be your best choice, especially if you only want a better sound and a slight increase in engine power.

cat-back exhaust

Obviously, this system will not add much power to your engine and the difference will usually be negligible. However, some cat-back systems have a great sound and if that’s what you’re looking for, then go for it!

Reduce The Weight of The Car

This is a simple and immediate solution to increase the car’s performance, without touching the vehicle’s mechanical or electronic components. It consists in reducing the car’s load to keep only what is necessary for the journey.

Indeed, the more the vehicle is loaded, the more the engine has difficulty to propel it. It is therefore necessary to lighten the car to allow the engine to perform better.

Change The Engine Oil

Change Engine Oil

It plays an important role in the engine’s performance and power. It must therefore be properly changed. To be sure to increase the power of your engine, you must not only use a quality oil, but also use it properly.

To boost engine power, you need to know how to give your engine the exact amount of oil it needs.

Investing in Good Tires

The quality of the tires influences the car’s performance. By choosing tires designed for performance, you systematically optimize the engine’s horsepower.

performance tires

This is because the tires guarantee optimal grip, which makes driving smoother and much more enjoyable. However, you should seek professional advice on the type of tires you should choose.

Air Filter Replacement

One of the best known methods to increase engine power is to replace the air filter. The amount of air used for the ignition is increased. As a result, the performance is optimized. The quality of the internal combustion is better.

Air Filter Replacement

And the more air the air filter sends into the combustion chamber, the better the engine will perform. This is why you should change the air filter if it is too old or if you notice that your engine is becoming less powerful.

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