How To Make Your Car AC Colder – 5 Tips For A Super Cold Car Air Conditioner

It’s summer time! If you are living in a city with high level of heat, then how to make your car air conditioner colder becomes an urgent question.

You can’t take it easy as the temperature rises, and we all know how uncomfortable it is to be in a hot car.

Air conditioning not as cold? It’s definitely the right time for you to find out how to get cool air from your car AC instead of feeling like there is no relief from this heat wave.

In this article, we will talk about 5 easy tips to make your car AC colder.

Tip #1 : Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

One of the common reasons why your car AC not blowing cold air is the dirty cabin air filter. This is the easiest thing that people just forget about!

A clogged or dirty cabin filter restricts the airflow, which impedes maximum cooling ability of the car. You will need to make sure it is clean for optimum performance of AC and get cold air from your car’s cabin quickly.

The cabin air filters are located just behind your glove box, and it is recommended that you replace them every 12,000 miles or annually. This is a very easy task, and you can do it yourself (Consult owner’s manual). This is one of the easiest ways to make your car AC colder in a short time without any professional help.

Tip #2 : Check The Radiator Fans

This is the very first thing you should check when the AC fails to make cool air.

You can easily check if the radiator fans are working properly. Just turn the AC on full blast, then go under the hood of your car and check the cooling fans on the radiator.

If it’s a two fan system, make sure both fans are working and the fan speed is OK. The AC will work with just one of the fans working, but it won’t work that well when it’s too hot. And also, it will strain the compressor and make it burn itself out faster.

The system need a lot of airflow, so the air conditioning condenser gets cooled to get cold air inside the car.

If radiator fans aren’t working, then you’ll really have serious problems!

Fix them right away, they’re very easy to replace and cheap to fix.

You should also check you your car’s radiator fluid level if you want a cooler AC. Modern cars will actually turn off the AC compressor automatically if there is a radiator fluid issue with your vehicle. This is because of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that is responsible for protecting your car from overheating problems.

Tip #3 : Check The Compressor Belt

The belts play an important role in ensuring the proper operation of the air conditioner. So check them regularly to make sure they are in good condition.

Compressor Belt

Belts degrade and crack with time, reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioner, while also possibly causing the compressor to burn out!

The belt might need to be replaced if any of the following symptoms exist:

  • You find lots of small cracks on the belt
  • You see it slipping
  • A loss of belt tension
  • It makes squealing noises

If you notice any of these signs, you need to replace your air conditioning compressor belt, so you can get back to enjoying cool air.

Fan belts are cheap, but compressors are expensive, so change the belt as soon as it starts to wear out.

Some vehicles have a separate air conditioning compressor belt, while most modern cars have an accessory belt that runs the compressor along with other engine accessories.

Regardless of the type of belt, they all last a limited time. Typically, a belt will last three to four years (50,000 to 65,000 kilometers).

Tip #4 : Check Your Car Battery

Can a low battery affect air conditioning?

If you want to make your car AC colder, you need to have a strong car battery. A weak car battery may not be strong enough to trigger the AC compressor, leading it to function poorly or even fail.

When you turn on the air conditioning, it requires a lot of energy from the car battery. Even with a low car battery voltage you can run most of your vehicle, you won’t be able to use some important features like air conditioning or heating.

So be sure that you have a strong car battery before turning on your car air condition.

Tip #5 : Check For Freon Leak

This is the most common source of trouble in the car’s AC system, causing it not to blow cold air. Freon leaks can cause many A/C problems in modern vehicles; it can be very expensive if you ignore them.

Most of the time, an air conditioner that does not make cold any more needs to be refilled with Freon. Air conditioning recharging should be done about every 3 years. If it doesn’t last long, the system may be leaking refrigerant.

Here are some clues to detect a refrigerant leak without equipment:

  • Your air conditioner is blowing warm air (ac is cool but not cold)
  • You will notice an oily residue at the exact location of the refrigerant leak.
  • A musty smell is present in your cabin
  • Your cooling system is overheating because the various components are running at empty.
  • The clutch will not engage

To prevent these consequences, it is recommended to regularly check your air conditioning installation.

In general, once you have identified the source of the leak, it will be enough to refill the A/C with refrigerant to fix the problem. However, if the failure comes from the compressor, the bill will be much higher!

Conclusion :

Now that you know how to make your car ac colder with these simple tips, it is important to check if the AC works early in summer. If not checked and repaired soon enough, problems like leakage of refrigerant can lead to more expensive damages later on; not only will this inconvenience us during hot weather, but we’ll also have trouble getting our cool fix!

As always, we are here if anything does become a problem, just let us know below in the comments section. But these tips should definitely keep everything in working order (and cooler than usual!)

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