An external battery to charge your car like a smartphone!

New electric cars have the same technical limit as any electronic device. So, to compensate for the power interruption, a French company designed the battery trailer.
EP Tender Range Extender
Portable Range Extender For Electric Cars


It was enough to think about it, to put an end to the problem of the limited autonomy of electric vehicles, the French manufacturer EP Tender had the idea to produce an external battery for electric cars.

This electric generator is actually positioned at the back of the vehicle, like a small trailer, and links to the charging plug. Once the main car battery makes its last breath, the generator takes over, providing a range of autonomy, largely enough to drive a full day.


Aware that this is not an equipment that the average user will need each day, EP Tender has also proposed a rental solution for his device with a community of partners. Once you have confirmed on the site that your vehicle is compatible with the range extender, it will determine the lessor nearest to your place of departure and arrival.
To book this extra battery, it will cost 17 euros per day of package to which will be added 7 euros per hour of use.
Our cars now have their external battery, like our phones!
You can get more info about the EP Tender’s portable range extender for electric cars on the official website.

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