Honda Accord Radio Code

A Step By Step Guide To Unlock Your Honda Accord Stereo

Major car producers like Honda introduced an enhanced security feature, the Honda accord stereo code to protect the car radio from theft.

It was initially a great feature but with time the big issues of inconvenience started to become a common customer complaint.
Although, the change has protected the radios, but it is now causing a lot of issues for the owners themselves.
Unlock Honda Accord Stereo Code
Over the time, customers all around the world began complaining about the Honda security system and finally there was a solution to the issue, the Honda accord code calculator.

This software enables the users to generate their codes and unlock the radio very easily if they follow a step by step stereo unlocking guide.

When do you need to enter the code?

Whether you are doing a Honda accord radio replacement or changing your battery or fuse, as soon as the electric circuit of the radio breaks, it gets locked and radio says code.

Yes, every time the circuit breaks it will get locked, even when the battery dies out. It is a major issue for car owners specially seniors who are not used to these technologies.
Once you know your radio is locked, all you need to do is to follow this guide to unlock your Honda radio, Keep reading.

Step 1: Check If You Have The Code

Honda distributors and showrooms mostly give the stereo code for Honda Accord along with the owner’s manual and car documentation. One should go through these documents to make sure they don’t search for a thing that they already have.

Most users after going through a lot of trouble generating the code find out that it was written on top of their owner’s manual or on the Anti-theft Radio ID card. So, make sure that there is no four or five digit code written on top of your owner’s manual or on your car documents.

Also, take a look inside of your Glovebox. Sometimes the code can be listed on a small white sticker inside it. You can find this sticker on the outer-left surface or on the inner-left surface of the Glove Box (see image).

  • If You find The Honda Radio Code

When you already have the Honda accord stereo code, you do not need to get into the troubles of generating it. All you need to do is to learn how to enter the code to the stereo unit. It is recommended to go through the Honda code entry instructions to ensure you do not make any mistakes while entering the code.

  • If You Don’t Find Your Radio Code

In case you don’t have the code, you don’t have to worry much. It is possible to generate the Honda accord code from the radio serial number. So first you need to find the radio unit serial number then use it to calculate the accord stereo code.
Unlike most manufacturers, Honda provides an easy way to get the stereo unit serial number without pulling it out. Here is how you will get it :honda-radio-serial-number

  1. Turn on the power of the stereo by either turning the keys to ACC or ON mode. There is no need to turn on the engine.
  2. When the radio gets the power, press the two digits buttons 1 and 6 and hold them. For 2003 – 2007 Accord with Navigation System, press and hold the top of the SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC buttons
  3. Press the ON button
  4. There will be eight digits displayed in two groups of four digits. ex: U7592 L3084
  5. Ignore the U and L and note down the eight digits with the digits appearing first at the beginning. ex: 75923084 

If this method is not working for you, then you have to pull the stereo unit and look for the serial number on the side or the rear, its probably on a sticker somewhere on it. Please check the Honda radio removal guide for more details ( video tutorial! ).

Step 2: How To Calculate The Code From The Radio Serial Number?

With the serial number in hand, it becomes very easy to get the Honda accord navi code. One alternative is to call dealerships for the code. There are some dealers who give codes very easily and for free. But there are some who will require you to reach the dealership for the code.
If you are lucky, you will get your stereo code on a single call, but if you are not so lucky with any Honda dealer, you can use a Honda radio code calculator to get the code. This software is able to generate Honda codes from serial number of the radio unit. To get code instantly, just do this :

  • Download the software that runs on your windows PC.
  • Run The Software.
  • Enter the radio serial number, the VIN number…
  • Hit Generate!!! And voila, your stereo code is calculated. All you have to do now is to enter it to the radio.

Step 3: Honda Accord Code Entry Instructions

The code entry prosses is very easy, but you need to be careful!!

  • Be sure you have the right code.
  • If you enter wrong digits, the stereo unit will freeze for a certain amount of time.
  • code entry is not the same for cars With Navigation System and models Without Navigation. Honda navi code requires a different method!
  • If you get a Honda Accord radio code error, there will be other steps to do!

Visit the Honda Accord Code Entry tutorial to know the exact steps you will need to follow to avoid making common mistakes.


Whether you buy a pre-owned car or an aftermarket radio you will most probably not have the Honda Accord code for radio. This step by step guide makes it a simple process that actually takes less than five minutes to generate and enter the code.

If you need help and if you get Honda Accord radio code error, you can post comments here or email me and I will be more then happy to help. Don’t forget to like, share and sign up for the newsletter to stay updated with the latest Honda automotive technology.

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