Remove Honda Accord radio And Install New One

The Ultimate Guide To Honda Accord Radio Replacement

If you are wondering how you can upgrade your Honda accord audio system, I’m here to help you. You can find many aftermarket car stereos at fairly reasonable prices that would make your driving experience more pleasurable.

But, the big question is : How to remove my old radio and install a new one? You can give it to a professional, but believe me, you will have fun doing it yourself. Are you ready? Let’s go!!

Honda Accord Stereo Replacement


The first step in installing new Honda car stereo is gathering the needed tools. You can refer to the instructions that came with the new radio to have an idea about what tools you will be using during the stereo removal and installation process (Screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers…).

Next, disconnect the car battery. Just isolate the negative black cable and leave the red one connected. This step will protect you and your car electronics. Keep reading, you will find a detailed step by step guide on Honda accord radio replacement.

To remove the radio, the center dash panel must be removed first. In total, there are three screws securing this dash panel to the main dash assembly. One of them is hidden behind the clock.
You will need a small flat head screwdriver, insert it between the dash panel and the edge of the clock assembly. Softly, squeeze out that edge of the clock. Use your fingers to remove the clock from the dash panel completely. Unplug the plastic connector once you pull out the clock.
Note the single screw after removing clock assembly, remove it.
Remove the two Phillips screws located on the curved underside of the dash panel
Now all the screws have been removed. Pull on the corners and the bottom curve of the dash panel. Continue until all sides of the plastic dash have entirely pulled away from the main assembly.
After pulling out the plastic dash panel from the main dash, turn it so that you can see and unplug all the wiring at the rear side. The stereo unit is secured by four 8 mm bolt screws or four Phillips screws. Remove theme all, pull the radio out of the dash and unplug the antenna cable and the wire harness connector from the back of your radio.
Now after removing the Honda accord car radio let’s install a new one:
  • All information needed to successfully mount a new stereo unit is included on this tutorial. If you need additional help, please contact me or post comments below.
  • This vehicle requires an installation kit specifically designed for Honda vehicles.
Position the installation kit into the opening in the dash. Use the original screws that had secured your old Honda radio to secure the installation kit. It must be well aligned, you can test fit the mounting of the kit before permanently mounting the radio.
In our case, The kit used here require that the radio be mounted to the kit prior to reattaching the plastic panel surrounding the radio. Once you secure the kit to the dash assembly, you can mount the radio. Just plug in all wire harness connectors into the rear of your Honda stereo and do not forget to plug the black antenna cable.
Plug the air conditioner wires and then reattach the plastic panel surrounding the radio. Secure it with the screws removed earlier. The final step is to snap the clock back in place.
Factory Radio Pin-out
Congratulations, the installation is now complete. As you see, removing and installing a new Honda accord car radio is not that difficult. For more help take a look at the video tutorial below. If you encounter any problem please feel free to contact me or leave your comments below. Have a nice day.

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