Honda CRV Radio Code

How to reset Honda CR-V Stereo Code | Anyone Can Do It!

Almost all Honda radios have their anti-theft system that, if the battery is disconnected, will ask the owner or user to enter a five digit code so that the stereo or Cd player will work again.

When you purchase a car, the dealer of the company should give you the Honda CRV Radio Code. It may be written in front of your user’s manual.

But if you lost your stereo code, you need to contact the dealer of the car who sold it to you and ask them to look the auto-radio code for you.
If the power of the battery to the radio was lost altogether, all the presets of your station will be deleted. So you have to find your preferred stations in the audio system and reprogram it again.
Honda CRV Stereo Code
Honda CR-V Stereo Unlocking Tutorial
When the battery of your car died, it will definitely lock the radio up. This will prevent the thefts in using your stereo or GPS system. Resetting a locked Honda crv stereo is fairly simple, just keep reading I will show you exactly how to unlock your CR-V Honda stereo code for free.

Are You Sure That Your Honda Car Stereo Requires A Code?

If it does, once power has been restored to your vehicle, you will see a flashing message on the screen indicating that you must enter a special code to disable the anti-theft system. The message may be the word “Code”.

Do You Have The Radio Code?

CRV Anti Theft Code

Look for the document of the car. When you bought your Honda, you should have received a small document about the size of a credit card along with the owner’s manual. You will find the code printed on that ID card, so all you have to do is enter the PIN code to reset your Honda CR-V.

The five or six digit secret number can also be written on the radio itself (so you need to remove the unit from the dashboard to see). Also, you have to check inside of your Glovebox. The code can be listed on a small white sticker inside it (will be labeled “Anti-Theft Radio Code”).

If you find it, just enter it using the preset buttons. You can refer to the code entry section for more details. But if you lost you code and can’t find it don’t worry. You can still recover it. But first you’ll need your radio serial number to calculate the code.

How To Find The Honda CR-V Radio Serial Number?

As i said before, if you lost your car audio system or car navigation code, you must find the unit’s serial number to be able to generate the code from it. So here are tow options that will help you :

  1. The first way is that you pull your car radio and than look up the serial number on the side or the rear, its probably on a sticker somewhere on it.
  2. The second is much easier, you put your key in the ignition and than, turn it on to the accessory position. Next you hold down preset key number 1 and key number 6 and than press the power button once, and a second time. You will see a digital serial on the display, for example U7592 L3084. Ignore this U and L, then note all 8 digits on a piece of paper, we will need it in the next step.

Honda Radio Serial Number

Honda CRV Stereo Code Recovery :

The next thing you want to do after getting your serial, is basically just call your local dealership and explain the situation try to sound as legitimate as you can so they don’t think you stole the radio or something. But if you don’t succeed at first, try different dealerships in different cities, different states until it works. Don’t let them bring you the car in and than charge you a 100$ for one hour labor fee or whatever to give you the code, ok!!
Wait , this is not all, I have an other trick for you to recover your Honda CR-V code! In fact you can get it online. yes, just go to this web page and fill the online form. They will send you the code by mail. Take a look at this video tutorial, I will show you exactly how to do it.

Now I Have The CR-V Code, How Can I Enter It To The Radio?

Finally, after all these steps you have your CRV stereo code. All you have to do now is to enter it to the car radio unit. You can discover this in the Honda code entry tutorial, where I explain by video what you need to do, step by step.

Final Word And Some Suggestions :

Congratulations, today you learned how to reset your Honda CR-V stereo code. Don’t forget to note it in a safe place so you can refer to it any time you need it, do it NOW!! Also it is a good idea to bookmark this page to easily find it in case you will need help with Honda CRV car stereo code recovery in the future. Normally this Tutorial goes with CR-V 2009, 2011, 2012 and almost any other model.
If you have any problems or Honda CRV radio code error, feel free to post comments or email me and I will be more then happy to help. Don’t forget to like, share and sign up for the newsletter to stay updated with the latest Honda automotive technology.

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  1. Hi , in this article on the third last paragraph from the bottom of this article we read this :"Wait , this is not all, I have another trick for you to recover your Honda CR-V code! In fact you can get it online. yes, just go to this WEB PAGE and fill the online form. They will send you the code by mail. Take a look at this VIDEO TUTORIAL, I will show you exactly how to do it."…those words I made with capital letters on that paragraph are highlighted yellow, but when we click on them nothing happens ! Sorry , then what do you mean by highlighting them with yellow?! where should we find them? Thanks

  2. ciao non ho piu' il codice, honda crv 2005 vim; SHSRD97605U005636 e seriale: 30016765 potete aiutarmi grazie

  3. honda crv 2005 necessita codice radio, vin : SHSRD97605U005636 numero di serie 30016765

  4. Hi,
    please i need a help. I bay new second hand Honda CR-V and i need a car audio sistem code.
    My VIN: SHSRD87606U418079
    Serial number: 30065316
    My email:
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Hi
    I had lost my radio code card
    Vin: SHRE57507U008351
    S/N: 17206306
    Can you plz send me the radio code.

  6. Hi
    I had lost my radio code card
    Vin: SHSRE57507U008351
    S/N: 17206306
    Can you plz send me the radio code.

  7. SN 300097

  8. hello,
    Vin number : 2HKRW2H96KH109548
    Serial numnber : 98YPX342
    Can you help me retrieve the code.Thank you

  9. Hi
    Please help
    Honda CRV 2002
    vin code – SHSRE78708U002690
    s/n – 17316307

  10. vin code SHSRE78708 U002690
    s/n 17316307

    Thank you if you can help.

  11. Can you please help me have my radio code
    Radio serial:40097099

  12. Hola
    , tuve que reemplazar la batería y la radio fue a antirrobo. No puedo encontrar el código en la guantera para honda civic exl 2018
    VIM 19XFC2F73JE029700

  13. Hi, my VIN JHLRD78805C202564
    SERIAL NUMBER 10005043

    Thank you

  14. Hi, VIN SHSRD97205U013792; SN 30026099. Thanks if anyone can help…

  15. Hi, I need my radio code after replacing my battery.
    SN 40273228
    VIN 5J6RE4H35BL033411

  16. I lost my code..please help me.
    CRV 2009
    VIN SHSRE67308U049837

  17. Hello
    Thanks for all information , I tried to get my code online ,put I can't completely the whole details. If u can help me receive an email with code .
    V.I.N. =5J6RE48537L08331
    S.N = 15507342
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  18. We just bought a used 2004 CRV and it requires a code, and no code was provided with the car.
    VIN : JHLRD78984C807106
    S/N radio : 51606137
    email :
    Can you send us a code please.
    Thank you !

  19. Hola me pasarias el codigo de honda crv 2004
    Vin: JHLRD78804C203853
    Serie 15592457
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  20. Hi
    SN 155 15 143
    Thanks for help

  21. Hello, can you send me my radio code, please
    VIN: SHSRD87602U029586
    Serial Number: 30031729

    Thank you very much!

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    Thank you if you can help.

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    S/N: 17216405
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  24. Hi
    Can you help me please with my radio? I lost code
    Honda CRV 2016
    S/NO SN200260
    Vin SHSRE5750FU303425


  25. Honda CR-V , 2004
    VIN SHSRD87604U232745
    S/N 30024629
    Please, send my Radio Code
    Thanks in advance!

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  31. Hi
    VIN – SHSRD97605U003089
    S/N. 30000789
    Please,help,thank you.

  32. Hi
    I had lost my radio code card, HONDA CR-V 2007
    Vin: SHSRE58807U027749
    S/N: HFB22016748
    Can you plz send me the radio code.

  33. I lost my code..please help me.
    CRV 2010
    VIN 5J6RE4H78AL804459

  34. I lost my code..please help me.
    CRV 2010
    VIN 5J6RE4H78AL804459

  35. I lost my code..please help me.
    CRV 2010
    VIN 5J6RE4H78AL804459

  36. I lost my code.please help me.
    CRV 2010
    VIN 5J6RE4H78AL804459
    S/N 15509728

  37. Hi I need radio code
    Honda CR-V 2008
    VIN 5J6RE485X8L046357
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  38. How can I get a Radio Code Honda CRV 2013

  39. Bonjour les amis, svp jai besoin de mon code navigation vin:SHSRE6740EU211441

  40. vin . 3CZRE4875BG001512 S/N 15517893 CORREO PLEASE

  41. Hello sir, please help me out. Today I changed the battery on my Honda CRV…and off course the radio/navigation system asks for the code. I checked everywhere but could not find it unfortunately. I hope you can help me out here, it's awfall quiet in the car…;-)
    VIN: SHSRE57707U035659
    S/N: HHB22021111

    Thank you a lot if you can help me out here.

    Greeting's Bas (NL)

  42. Help,I lost code.
    Honda CRV 2010
    VIN. SHSRE6850AU022579
    S/N. 17118034
    Please,help,thank you.

  43. My Vin SHSRE67708U030023
    Can you please send me the radio code.

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  46. Hi, can you help finding my radio code?
    VIN: JHLRD78804C201651
    When pressing 1 & 6, I got as following.

    I've tried by it said my VIN is invalid, don't know why as this all I have since.

    Please help!

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  49. hi please help whit the code for Honda CR-V 2005 SHSRD97805U000327 and stereo code U3000-L9977 my email is Thank you

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